General Fire Awareness with Live Extinguisher Demonstration 1 1/2 Hours

You have a legal requirement to train all your staff in General Fire Awareness, yearly and at induction to be legally compliant, so here is Swan Fire’s solution to ensuring that you are in control with minimum fuss and minimum cost.

Course Aim

To build knowledge on the nature and causes of fire and how to evacuate in accordance with your companies fire safety policy on hearing the alarm or discovering a fire. To gain knowledge on the different types of fire extinguishers and what type of fires they are used on.

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Picture before fire put out2 Picture after blanket used2



Course Contents Include:

  • Explanation on how fire starts, develops and travels
  • The immediate effects of smoke and fire
  • Your emergency response and evacuation procedures
  • Your premises fire safety features
  • Full explanation of extinguisher types, their uses and limitations

Course Costs:

At your premises for up to 30 delegates for the all inclusive price of £395.00 plus VAT

This is the one hour Fire Awareness course with an additional half hour added for the Live Fire Extinguisher Practical, where all the delegates from the group are used to demonstrate extinguishers on live controlled small fires to provide visual experience and understanding.

Total cost for 1 ½ hour course with extinguishers is £395.00 plus VAT (If you do not require the Extinguisher Practical you can book just the hour theory for £295 Plus VAT)

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Free chocolate gift, professional printed course handouts & certificates of attendance for all delegates!

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