Onsite Fire Risk Assessments

As of the 1st October 2006, all non-domestic dwellings are required under Article 9 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to have a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment undertaken of the premises with, in almost all cases, the significant findings recorded.

The risk assessment is to be carried out by a competent person and falls to the person responsible for the premises to ensure any findings are acted upon accordingly in order to become compliant with the legislation.

By instructing Swan Fire (U.K) Limited to carry out the risk assessment, you can be assured that the first and most important step towards becoming compliant has been taken.

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What we do

Onsite premises fire risk assessments are carried out by our accredited, experienced fire safety professionals who are on your side! Our fire risk assessors, Bob and Paul, have had over 25 years of experience as Fire Safety Officers and they can now offer their wealth of experience as previous enforcing officers. The benefit you gain from having a risk assessment done by Swan Fire, is that they will be able to ensure that you have a suitable and sufficient risk assessment as required by law and if you aren’t compliant in any way, advise you on the necessary solutions to gain compliance with cost and time in mind.

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Fire Risk Assessor and Trainer Fire Risk Assessor and Trainer Fire Risk Assessor and Trainer


Contact us to discuss your premises, so we can confirm a guaranteed cost based on how many days it takes to complete e.g. one day or more. We have experience in all types of buildings and organisations including; university colleges, student accommodation, offices, retail outlets, industrial premises, residential care homes, schools, pubs, and hotels.

How much does it cost?

As every business is different we don’t offer a blanket cost per building, but charge on the time it takes to complete the risk assessment. We charge just £375 per day plus VAT and will advise you of the estimated time for completion of your risk assessment. We can usually clarify this over the phone after a discussion of your working environment and building, or if required for more complex or larger premises, a confidential, no obligation pre-meeting and visit of your site to confirm the time and cost.

How do I get one?

Once you have booked your Fire Risk Assessment you can sit back and relax and concentrate on your other responsibilities. Your risk assessor will arrive on site to audit your existing paperwork and procedures and then systematically walk around the premises to assess your structural building and existing fire precautions. Once this is completed he will return to the office to process and write up the risk assessment and report with the aim of returning it to you in the next 2-5 working days.

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