First Aid Training At Last in a Luxury Venue

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First Aid Box from PeopletimeFirst Aid Box from PeopletimeFirst Aid Box from Peopletime

Forget Cramped Classrooms and Village Halls

Moving on from requests for real Fire Blanket Training, our next biggest want from clients is a decent First Aid course delivered in Oxfordshire, that wasn’t in a drafty old village hall or tiny training room.

In conjuction with our partnership company Peopletime, we have arranged an open course at the ever popular luxury conference venue of Egrove Park in Kennington on the outskirts of Oxford from 9.30pm to 4.30pm for the special offer price of £125 for Swan Fire Customers.

As its our first full day course, we’ve pushed the boat out and there is a complimentary sandwich buffet lunch and beverages as well as all the normal free onsite parking, course handouts and certificates.

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We’ve set one date up so far, of the 23rd April, 2015 and if this gets booked up we then offer more dates through out the year, so please book early as there are just 12 places available by calling  0845 1271360 or email

Peopletime also offer this course onsite, please visit the website for more options 

Thats it for the moment, we look forward to assisting you further with First Aid Training, Fire Risk Assessments, Manual Handling Training, Step Ladder and Ladder Safety course or  Fire Safety Training.

best wishes Jo Swanton – Swan Fire Ltd

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